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About Me

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my photography site. I hope you enjoy my images and take time to read about my journey and perhaps would like to spend some time with me talking about your story. I would love to hear where you’ve been and where you’re headed and if you agree, we can record your path with beautiful and fun images. Or maybe you would just love some fun and beautiful images of yourself and your loved ones. You are in the right place!

My memory of earlier photography is me with a Vivitar camera, my friends and I would spend time in the beautiful, hot summers in Eastern Washington around the Soap Lake area. Although I loved the scenery it was snapping pictures of the people all around me that I loved the most.

Fast forward to 1998 and I found myself working in Malaysia for three months. Something in me came alive and photography for me has never been the same. I call this thing that was born in me then, Curiosity. I love people and places, travel and home. I want it all, to experience and to know a bit about everything. In 2005 and 2007 respectively, I traveled to India and South Africa, newer cameras, new experiences and beautiful people to photograph. The first trip was a spiritual journey with Caroline Myss, author of The Anatomy of a Spirit. The second, a photography workshop with Phil Bridges, founder of Bridges to Understanding. Look them both up, be curious! Again, life shifted for me, opening my heart to a greater desire to live photography.

For many years now I have been taking senior, family and other portraits which you can view on this site. Several years ago My Curiosity found me volunteering weekly at the Mauna Kea Visitor Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. I would learn about the night sky while assisting staff in rolling out big huge telescopes for the coming visitors to enjoy. For two months each year, until Covid arrived, I stood under one of the worlds clearest and darkest skies, and a new love was born. Night sky photography. You will see on my website that I would love to share with other interested curiosity seekers the joy of photographing the Milky Way.

Well, that about brings me to my current life. I work at Blondies, a local diner. Why? Because one day I saw they needed a server and I was curious as to could I do this? It’s been four years now and I’m still going strong.

I hope my love of life brings your curiosity into play and brings you calling. It will be fun to know you and to have the privilege of photographing you and your loved ones.

Where do I photograph? I love the natural light of the late day or the super early morning. Golden Hour. Blue Hour. Anywhere special to you. We live in the beautiful northwest, beaches and water everywhere. The forest, an open field of grasses, the choices are endless. Lets’s decide together!

I hope to meet you one day soon!