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Photography Packages


Photography Services and Packages

The length of your photo shoot determines the cost. We meet at the chosen location and work within the time frame you desire. The two hour shoot allows for one location change as well as clothing changes.  We will work together to determine what you wish and which session best suits your needs.

If you have a family reunion, special anniversary celebration or birthday party you would like memorialized through photographic images please talk with me. As these events often last longer I will work with you.

Package Pricing

$50         20 Minute Single Head Shot Portrait

Ideal for Professional Business Photo and Senior  Yearbook Photo Client receives 2 professionally edited jpeg images.

$300      90 Minute Shoot

                  Ideal for Senior and Engagement Photos or any occasion fitting into this time frame. Client receives 10 to 15 professionally edited jpeg images.

$400      Two Hour Shoot

                 Ideal for Family Photo Sessions, Events requiring some travel or multiple locations
Client receives 20 or more professionally edited jpeg images.

Please note that I have travelled to large city locations as
they often provide unique environmental photographing opportunities. I
charge for my time and travel but work to make it reasonable for you the
client. I find that locations which are special to you capture the most
memorable images.

Milky Way Photography

I love the night sky and would love to teach you how to capture the
Milky Way. There are many cameras which will successfully capture the
Milky Way. Although in the Pacific Northwest there is a lot of light
pollution, I have had success on my front patio outside of Shelton,
where I live. Once you learn the basics you can travel to much darker
areas in our state and shoot away.

Call me to discuss scheduling!

Package Pricing

Includes teaching the technical aspects of your camera and how to
shoot the Milky Way, settings, etc. Includes teaching you the technical
aspects of where and when to shoot the Milky Way, time of month, etc.


The cost will vary, dependent upon if we stay local or travel a distance to get away from light pollution.

Additional Services

Have a great camera that’s never been used?  Too complicated?  Let me teach you how to use it, we’ll go out and shoot together.

$35 an hour